GrabOne rakes in $5 million in mobile sales over holiday period—UPDATED

Correction: The original version of this article mistakenly stated GrabOne made $41 million in sales through October to December 2012. This is the figure we were provided by GrabOne’s PR agency, and even we thought it was too high. We sought confirmation and were told that was the number provided by GrabOne. 

New Zealand’s largest daily deals site, GrabOne, has broken its previous records for mobile transactions over the 2012/13 holiday period, including a fivefold increase in sales from the previous year.

Between 1 October and Christmas Eve, GrabOne says it conducted more than 120,000 mobile transactions (compared to 23,379 in 2011) with sales totaling slightly more than $5 million (compared to around $1 million in 2011).

According to an NBR article in August last year, GrabOne founder and CEO Shane Bradley says the company nets around $9-10 million in sales a month, putting GrabOne’s takings in the last three months of 2012 well below the average.

According to GrabOne, 29 percent of all transactions on its site between 23 December and 6 January were conducted on mobile devices, more than double the same period last year. A significant increase considering only 1.5 percent of sales in December 2010 were from mobile.

“Almost 10,000 mobile transactions were made during the holiday period bringing in $380,000 of revenue,” says marketing director, Campbell Brown. 

“In the past we’ve expected the holiday period to quieten down when in reality more Kiwis are staying connected while they’re away and they’re as keen as ever to grab a great deal.”

GrabOne launched the mobile version of its site in March 2011.  In October last year, GrabOne became the first New Zealand company to integrate with Apple’s Passbook loyalty card and ticketing system for iOS 6, although GrabOne have yet to release any figures on its adoption.

GrabOne says it has cornered 75 percent of the New Zealand daily deals market, and that its mobile apps are used by nearly a million people every month.

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