Google: the untold story

ClickHole is, as this glorious article in Slate attests, the best thing on the internet. And while there have been many stories written about Google, its amazing offices and its innovation-centric culture, none of them have been as good as this journey to Mountainview, where we get thrust into the beating heart of Silicon Valley

But ridiculous fictional reporting aside, Google products have made the world a better place. And its latest trick gives kids an opportunity to experience places they wouldn’t normally get to experience with the help of its VR solution Cardboard. 

As it says on the Expeditions site: “Field trips are a great way for teachers to engage students and give them a first hand understanding of a subject, but they’re not always practical or even possible. Expeditions allows teachers to make their curriculum come alive by taking their students on field trips to almost anywhere they can imagine. Around the globe, on the surface of Mars, on a dive to coral reefs or back in time — abstract concepts come to life in Expeditions, giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom.” 

Elsewhere in The Goog, it’s updgraded its Word Lens app so that travellers in foreign climes need never misunderstand the local written language. 

As the Guardian reported, “Google’s Translate app has now incorporated the function from a viral startup it purchased last year, allowing users to point their phone’s camera at words in another language … only to see them replaced in their original context onscreen.” 

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