Google: now we’ll fix yer crappy display ads

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Google has released  DoubleClick Ad Exchange, a new advertising service aimed at improving online display ads.

Like many of us in the online media business, Google has been concerned about the ineffectiveness of online display advertising, especially the declining value of banner, skyscraper and rectangle spaces.

When was the last time you clicked on an online ad?

In 2007 Google bought DoubleClick, the online adserving company, for a swell US$3.1.  The idea, I suppose, was to bring the relevance and context already seen in Adwords and Adsense, to display advertising.

Ad Exchange adds functionality to the DoubleClick service, including access to sites already included in the Adwords programme. Here’s a list of the new features from Google:

  • Real-time dynamic allocation to maximize yield. Publishers can automatically generate the highest return for every impression, using real-time data and bids to allocate ad space to the sales channel that pays the most at that second.
  • Access to many more advertisers. The Ad Exchange offers publishers access to new buyers, including AdWords advertisers, bringing higher quality ads and more competition for ad space on their sites.
  • Hassle-free payments managed by Google. We manage the billing and payments from networks so publishers get one monthly payment and minimize having to manage multiple relationships.
  • Greater controls. Publishers can decide what advertisers, networks, ad formats, and bid types to allow.
  • New easy to use interface with enhanced reporting. We use the simplicity of Google’s user design principles to help publishers easily find out how their sites are performing, to help them make the right decisions about their ad space.

I’m not sure if this service is available yet in New Zealand, but the list looks impressive. Can anyone enlighten us to the availability, and applicability, of this service to Nu Zild? And does it appear as good as I think it does?

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