Goju’s new campaign challenges wellness-woke Kiwis

Small (but mighty) wellness drink brand Goju has released a new social campaign challenging health fanatics to try their potently healthy shots. 

Created by freelance creative Tom Davies and director Lee Stapleton (Thundercock), ‘Can you handle the health?’ is led by five 30-second spots capturing each of Goju’s intensely healthy flavours – Turmeric, Beauty, Charcoal, Ginger and Charge – and supported by a suite of snappy 6-second YouTube bumpers. 

Davies says: “Our tiny team stayed tight to the concept, pivoted nimbly, and pulled a favour or two (shout out to my Dad’s chickens) to juice the budget for all it was worth. We loved making these, and feel the content packs a punch.” 

Stapleton adds: “A self-aware brand is a dream to work with. There was no pushing and pulling on this one – just a collaborative effort to make these tiny shots look mighty on social. And when you all pull together in the same clear but lighthearted direction, you’re bound to have fun with it.” 

The campaign has launched across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and will continue to rollout throughout summer. 

Goju Brand Director Tom Hartles says: “Goju shots are the highest strength wellness shots in the market, and the brand has a big personality to match, so we felt we had license to shake the health sector up a little. 

“Luckily we think our audience can definitely handle the health…” 


Client: Goju 

Director: Tom Hartles 

Marketing Manager: Belle Hartles 

Creative/Strategist: Tom Davies 

Director/Producer: Lee Stapleton  

Director of Photography: Steve Gulik 

Sound Design: Miller Yule 

Animation: Stewart Van Der Wal 

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