Going through the motions: V and Colenso harness human energy for hi-tech musical project

New Zealand is one of the only markets in the world where Red Bull isn’t the number one energy drink. That title is held by Frucor’s V, and it got there through a combination of savvy NPD and a series of brilliant campaigns. Given what’s come before, it’s always going to be a challenge to raise the bar creatively, but Colenso BBDO and Frucor have given it a good nudge with their latest effort, the V Motion Project. 

V is all about energy and its campaigns show that with enough of it people can do some pretty crazy things, like climbing buildings with ladders, spraying paint from trucks, or putting roadcones on top of the Sky Tower. And this slightly experimental campaign is all about finding a way to use human energy—and modern technology—to create music.

For the first part of the mission, music producer Joel Little of Goodnight Nurse and Kids of 88 fame and a bunch of tech-dudes and visual artists, hacked into Kinect technology and music-making software Ableton in a warehouse in the back streets of Grey Lynn.

“My initial thought was: what does that mean? How the hell can you play an instrument that you can’t even touch,” Little says in the video. Well, you can see what it means in the videos below.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

The final product, helped along with some added rhythmical skillz from New Zealand’s answer to this guy, goes live in a couple of months. And given V’s target demographic and the backing tracks used in the clips, we’re betting on some filthy human-powered dubstep. And, as you’d expect, there’s also some experiential activity and a TVC to come.

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