Going deep to talk about cancer

Cancer Research UK is hoping to raise awareness for bowel cancer, by filming ‘Live from Inside the Body’ to show audiences across the country what a colonoscopy looks like.

The charity took to TV’s Channel 4 and Facebook to show the removal of bowel polyps from 60-year-old Philip while Dr Sunil Dolwani commentated the procedure in real time.

And while the video may appear confronting, it’s intended to show how painless a colonoscopy is so people will be inclined to take up testing.

“By allowing my colonoscopy to be shown live, I hope to show that it’s a simple procedure, not something to be frightened of. Hopefully people will be interested in seeing the live footage and it will encourage them to be more willing to talk about cancer and think about taking up regular screening when offered,” Philip said prior to his procedure.

The video is part of a wider campaign by the charity, that’s gone into hospitals to hear the stories of those with cancer and those who treat them.

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