GlobalHQ launches Pulse

The $46b farming sector now has a daily subscription newsletter giving everyone in New Zealand easy access to the latest news.

Feilding-based media enterprise GlobalHQ launched Pulse this month, the latest in a string of changes in that business since owners Dean and Cushla Williamson bought Farmers Weekly back from NZX.

In September 2003, they launched national asset, The New Zealand Farmers Weekly. At the time they joked about having their global headquarters in Feilding.

Today that business is called GlobalHQ and they have the biggest rural news team in the country to deliver news, weather, education, market data and analysis through a number of traditional media and new media channels.

“But the bulk of regular primary industry news is still delivered in print,” says Williamson. “There are 10 times more people in the primary sector working beyond the farm gate who can’t get their news in their mailbox, so we’re combining content from the various parts of this business with external partners to create a daily primary sector newsletter.

“Pulse is New Zealand’s most important subscription newsletter for New Zealand’s most important sector, agriculture.”

The 27-strong content team at GlobalHQ collate the most important agribusiness news of the day, lead the conversation with an editorial piece, add in weather, market information and insights, support new enterprise, have a weekly poll, a weekly quiz and and every day under the heading Purple Cow they include content to get you thinking.

Pulse and Farmers Weekly editor Bryan Gibson says Pulse reflects the importance of agriculture to the New Zealand economy, and to the entire community. “Agriculture is our culture – it is the pulse of our nation.”

“In a world of online outrage, misinformation and clutter, we decided it was necessary to give the sector a digital newsletter with the same content values as Farmers Weekly, but fit-for-purpose in the online space. The Pulse we have launched this week is just the start. Eventually we would like to give the community a fully personalised news feed and information dashboard, where each individual can tailor their Pulse to fit with their own interests.”

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