Give us this bread, our selfie bread

Karl Lagerfield called selfies ‘electronic masturbation‘ and a number of studies have shown the compulsion to take selfies is actually a serious mental health condition. The online narcissicism appears to be continuing unabated, however, with selfie sticks seemingly flying off the shelves. But why simply post a classic duck face to your social networks when you could take it up a notch and burn your beautiful face onto a piece of toast.  

According to Mashable, the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp. has been making image-burning toasters for four years and specialises in sports logos (last year it had a big hit with Jesus toast). But chief executive Galen Dively saw dollar signs in customised designs, including toast with peoples’ faces on it. And while it seems like a gimmick, it actually requires a fair bit of tech to do it. 

It was, until recently, an impractical dream. Another company made Vermont Novelty’s toaster plates and at a pretty hefty cost. Then Dively bought his own CNC Plasma Cutter from Colorado-based GoTorch. It’s essentially a computer-guided metal cutting machine that can create the requisite plates in just a few minutes.

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