Give it a V: skydiving with darts—UPDATED

Since Frucor and Colenso first gave the shout-out for stunt ideas in the Give it a V campaign, they’ve given Auckland Transport a V by placing a slingshot on top of a bus shelter.

But they’ve now ramped it up. They gave a shout-out on Monday via a Vine on Twitter that they’d pick one of the ideas and produce a stunt in 24 hours, and it unfolded in front of fans’ eyes on social media as it took place.

On Tuesday “Give darts a V” was chosen, and the process was played out via the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, with the team scrambling to create a concept, through to prototyping the darts.

Then they were drawing a giant billboard in a paddock and this morning (Wednesday) making the leap from great heights to Give Darts a V, perhaps north of Auckland. According to posts, the footage is to be edited and we’ll be seeing the results over the next week.

Media agency OMD is working with Colenso on the campaign, primarily on the communications plan. OMD general manager Zac Stephenson says the thing with the V campaigns, is they are renowned for being surreal, with people often not believing they are genuine.

“The motivation for this 24-hour campaign was so that viewers could see it unfolding in front of their eyes, even though it’s stressful and labour-intensive.”

He says the slingshot on the bus shelter was designed specifically to give people a visual demonstration of giving something a V. “This would then hopefully prompt them to go onto their media device and say, ‘I think you should give xyz a V’.”

“Over this campaign you’ll see more of these media opportunities coming to life, stunt-y things like the slingshot, and also more interactive promotions with TV and radio partners doing the Give it a V themselves, to join in the fun. And we’ll be continuing the conversation online.”

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