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Looking for that special something for the ad man/woman that has everything? Then you can’t go past Creative Miscellaneous Materials, a website that offers a vast array of remarkable products to help those working in the persuasive arts. 

PopPress particularly enjoys the ‘Make it Digital powder’ (“Use a pinch to turn print ads into web banners, or a spoonful to turn billboards into web pages, this digital powder is versatile and a huge time-saver”), the ‘Criticism Filtering Headgear‘ (“Shut out nay-sayers and critics with this comfortable head piece. Used by advertising professionals for years, this head gear offers a much more stylish option than sticking your fingers in your ears”) and the ‘Meeting Fodder Detector‘ (“When the Meeting Fodder Detector senses that left-over lunch is up for grabs, it trips a silent alarm and provides you a heads-up display with the most direct route to the free bounty”). 

And don’t forget the ‘marketing jargon translating parrot’, ‘Jeff Goodby’s Power ponytail’ or ‘David Ogilvy’s magical tagline pipe’, a steal at US$68. 

The spoof website was created by Stephen​ Icardi and Catherine Penfold-Waxman. 

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