Gin Wigmore pouts by moonlight as Partridge continues the Halo connection

Partridge Jewellers knows all about the power of magazines and, as a premium brand, it’s a medium that suits it perfectly. In recent years, the print work by Assignment Group has added some glamour by featuring a range of local starlets, including Antonia Prebble, Ruby Higgins and, most recently Gin Wigmore. And, after the success of Wigmore’s first slightly surprising appearance as the face of its new Halo Collection, the tattooed songstress is back for more.

The Halo Collection was the first range designed by 27-year-old Nikki Partridge, a sixth generation member of the Partridge family that owns the business. And, after the first ad was released in November, the range sold out in January. 

It’s not unusual for jewellery, watch or high-end fashion brands to engage celebrities to front their campaigns, but it is slightly unusual for someone as rough, raw and sweary (or, as the PR would have it, ”distinctive and edgy”) as Gin to be chosen to spruik a range that goes for between $7,000 to $49,000. Still, the juxtaposition “complemented the statement range” well in the first angelic-looking spot and it’s hoped that will continue with the latest, darker and nigh-on vampirical (if that’s not a word, it should be) print ad. 

UPDATE: The photographer for all the Partridge print ads was Meek Zuiderwyk.

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