GFK S3 2021 Radio Survey: Real radio outtakes from OMD

Hot off the back of GFK releasing its S3 2021 Radio Survey, OMD offers an objective perspective.

All 10+:

Total listenership (AP10+) has decreased -1.1 percent SoS (survey on survey), but seen an increase of 2.7 percent vs. S3 2020. What does this mean for specific audiences?

AP18-39 audience:

NZME remains relatively flat in share across the last six surveys, while MediaWorks sees +4.9 percent growth vs. S3 2020. Independent stations remain in decline after a peak of 14.3 percent in S3 2020.

AP25-54 audience:

NZME is seeing share growth (+0.9 percent SoS) against this audience after periods of previous decline. MediaWorks share remains relatively flat for three surveys now, however +4 percent YoY.  

HHS with Kids:

NZME shows gradual share gain (1.7 percent YoY) while MediaWorks has been on steady decline against HHS with Kids over the last few surveys (-1.5 percent vs. S3 2020).

Stations of note across all audiences are George FM and Newstalk ZB. Much of Newstalk ZB’s growth is attributed to Mike Hosking’s Breakfast show, which is now at 25.3 percent share in Auckland and the Heather Du Plessis-Allan Drive show sitting at just under 20 percent share. George FM 25-54 audiences grew 53 percent SoS and almost 90 percent vs. S3 2020, some of which is attributed to midday shows from 12-4 (Mahi Mix and Drive) seeing an increase in share of 2.3 percent and an overall increase in station share from 5.2 percent to 8.6 percent.

OMD New Zealand Chief Investment Officer, Hamish Roderick, says: “There continues to be strong results from traditional radio listenership, however we must also be aware of the targeting, measurability and incremental reach that can be delivered through digital audio platforms. Circa 50 percent of consumers listen to streaming, digital radio, online music services or podcasts weekly, however digital audio has only seen 3 percent of total audio spend YTD. We think there’s an opportunity here for clients.”

Spotify Unique Ad Addressable Quarterly Audience:

·   AP25-54: 424,000 (+3 percent vs. 2020)

·   AP18-39: 396,000 (+6 percent vs. 2020)

iHeart Unique Ad Addressable Quarterly Audience:

·   AP25-54: 1,280,599 (+7.5 percent vs. Q2 2020)

·   AP18-39: 576,270 (+7.5 percent vs. Q2 2020)

ROVA Unique Ad Addressable Quarterly Audience:

·   AP25-54: 453,213 (+7 percent vs. Q2 2020)

·   AP18+: 660,154 (+9.5 percent vs. Q2 2020)

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