GfK radio ratings remain consistent in S3 results

Statistics released today from the latest latest GfK Radio Audience Data shows the radio New Zealand industry remains strong and consistent, with a weekly audience of 3.4 million listeners tuning in to commercial radio, contributing to a total radio listenership of 3.6 million.

Alistair Jamison, Radio Broadcasters Association CEO, says very few media can claim the consistency in audience performance that radio has provided advertisers over the last few years.

“Commercial radio continues to reach nearly three quarters of New Zealanders every week, with time spent listening and average audience growing in this survey. With people listening longer and more often advertisers can be confident of continued audience delivery when buying radio based solutions,” he says.

“Whilst we are seeing continued growth in new audio formats, as evidenced by Infinite Dial 2023, GfK shows that this is not disrupting radio listening as opposed growing the total audio audience. Weekly commercial listening has been steady at around 74 percent or 75 percent of New Zealand since the beginning of 2022. Perhaps just as important as this GfK total audience reach measure, is the strength of what are really engagement measures. Time spent listening is consistent well above 15 hours, average audience grew this survey. All of this tells me that New Zealand remains really connected to radio and the information and entertainment it provides.”

He says this consistency adds “so much opportunity for advertisers” as radio offers a high reaching, highly engaged audience delivered in a way that is safe for brands. It also provides brands with flexibility across a wide range of formats which are also cost-effective.

“Audio can do anything and if I was an advertiser I would constantly be asking ‘where is the audio opportunity for my brand?’”

Jamison adds that the RBA’s recently released The Infinite Dial study of wider audio consumption “shows the audio landscape is thriving”.

“Total weekly audio consumption is reported at 92 percent and equivalent to total video consumption, which was also at 92 percent. Podcast usage has grown significantly, with 46 percent of New Zealanders listening to a podcast monthly, and we’ve seen massive growth in all digital audio formats for 16-34 year olds.”

Michael Boggs, NZME CEO says the GfK radio survey and other recent research shows how strong New Zealand’s audio landscape really is.

“With radio listenership continuing its huge reach, and digital audio audiences significantly growing across live radio streaming and podcasts, the industry continues to deliver for audiences and advertisers. With the economy showing signs of recovery, we’re looking forward to an even stronger 2024 for our industry.”

MediaWorks CEO, Wendy Palmer says 2023 has been a very strong year for total audio audiences. “This reflects the industry’s commitment to producing the very best local content across radio and the wide range of audio platforms available to advertisers.”

Jamison concludes: “Audio offers advertisers more and more choice every day to reach, connect and drive response with New Zealanders. Key measures of radio, such as reach and time spent, are market leading. Radio still provides the flexibility to reach New Zealanders in various ways and at various times and places, like in car where 61 percent of people connect via radio. That, coupled with growth in digital solutions, means that 2024 will be another exciting year for audio.”

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