Getting the next generation hooked

A new PSA launched by the California Department of Public Health aims to to take on the E-cigarette industry and the harm that it is causing to the younger generation. Often marketed as the healthier alternative to standard cigarettes, E-cigarettes are in fact also addictive and can cause a high number of health risks to users. 

The pair of high-energy clips link to a website that provides further information on the wide range of health risks that these products pose to users. 

According to the website, every mainstream cigarette brand owns at least one E-cigarette product—and this comes as little surprise, given that smoker numbers have dwindled in many major markets across the world. And what’s most disturbing about this is that while standard cigarette ads are banned in the United States, E-cigarettes can still be marketed on television.

In some ways, it seems as though the battle against Big Tobacco has gone full circle, and consumer rights groups are now having to start again from scratch.   

This campaign comes on the heels of a recent tirade that John Oliver launched against Big Tobacco in which he explained how the industry is still up to its old tricks in various countries throughout the world.


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