Get with the program(matic): the social media lift

Last time we looked at mobile and cross-device retargeting and understanding the importance of capturing your audience’s attention where they play. This time we deep dive further into the importance of retargeting across social sites.

Reach for the stars

Since only 14 percent of potential customers will see both the site retargeting campaign and the social campaign, adding Facebook and Twitter to your retargeting strategy can expand your reach significantly.

We all know Kiwis love social media. Facebook had almost 2.3 million New Zealand accounts and Twitter had over 395,000 accounts in April 2013 – and for a country with a population of approximately 4.5 million that’s huge. 

Social media sites are where your customers are playing and that means you should be there too. Make the most of native social tools, such as share, like and comment, to push your content out further. 80 percent of consumers look to friends and family for product recommendations and a social share of native advertising falls into this bracket.

One size fits all

Creative that’s viewable across desktop, tablet and mobile is essential to creating a holistic customer experience. It’s cost-effective and easy to implement.

Both the Facebook newsfeed and right-hand column have the same 360 x 315 pixel size across both mobile and desktop, which means creative teams only need to pull together one size per advertisement. Our customers can work closely with their account manager to understand if dynamic creative is the most appropriate option for their product or service to achieve the best result.

The benefits for Benefit Cosmetics

AdRoll customer and internationally recognised cosmetics manufacturer, Benefit Cosmetics, wanted to drive additional online conversions and raise awareness of their social-media channels. Facebook retargeting offered a great new advertising option for the company. They launched Facebook campaigns targeting audiences based on their depth of site navigation and the products they viewed with a bespoke ad.                 

  • 8.5x ROI (vs 3.3x ROI on standard display)
  • 2.2x CTR compared to standard display
  • 81 percent CPM compared to standard display

The results speak for themselves

By easily adding retargeting on social, AdRoll’s advertisers have seen up to a 2.0 times boost in clicks, 2.13 times more impressions and 1.38 times more conversations. With some advertisers seeing up to 259 percent more conversions with cross-platform, cross-device retargeting than on desktop alone, it makes sense to take a look at your options and broaden your retargeting strategy.                

Not only does retargeting on social media give you access to some of the largest audiences online, it allows you to take advantage of native tools and ultimately boost views and engagement on your creative. Your customers and most likely your competitors are in the social space, doesn’t it make sense for you to be there too?

  • Ben Sharp is the managing director of AdRoll in Australia and New Zealand. Click here to see more posts in this series.  
  • This article was produced as part of a content partnership between StopPress and Adroll.  

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