Georgie Pie, Fuse, hit Facebook sweet spot

The Kiwi demographic of 25-44 year olds who remember Georgie Pie seems to be hitting the mark as the brand’s Facebook page raced past 25,000 fans in just over a month.

The social network was a big part of McDonald’s bid to reignite the pie business here last year and that page reached more than 56,000 likes.

Aside from the obligatory pie images, food puns, classic advertising posters and seasonal promotions, the brand encouraged New Zealanders who had worked at Georgie Pie back in the day to share their stories, with one fan saying she’d met her husband when employed there. The page is managed by social agency Fuse, which launched it on 25 February.

“We’ve been blown away by the organic growth and likewise with our spend conversion, which is producing the lowest cost-per-like numbers we’ve ever seen,” says Fuse general manager Robin Wilson.

Fuse believes those who previously experienced Georgie Pie are already being captured and now it wants to attract millennials who are Georgie Pie newbies.

“We know that there’s a strong emotional connection for those who look back and remember part of New Zealand’s popular culture. So we need to make sure our social approach and content respects people’s feelings towards the brand, while creating new touch points for those who may not have grown up with Georgie Pie,” says McDonald’s head of communications Simon Kenny.

McDonald’s has been careful to give Georgie Pie it’s own social voice, says Kenny.

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