Garage Project, Hello own beer o’clock

Leveraging a real-time, open weather API, Garage Project has launched a new digital billboard campaign to promote their flagship beer, BEER. 

The dynamic campaign by Hello automatically appears at 5pm or whenever the temperature hits a balmy 25 degrees – the best times to enjoy a cool, refreshing lager. 

Jos Ruffell, Founder of Garage Project, says: “There are no better moments for a beer than 5pm or when it’s sweltering outside.

“This campaign celebrates those times with a beautifully simple dynamic display. Sometimes simple is exactly what you want, why bother dressing it up? It is what it is. Beer.” 

An independent Aro Valley-based brewery, Garage Project was founded by Ruffell along with brothers Ian and Pete Gillespie, who together transformed an abandoned, dilapidated car garage into a high-tech craft brewery, now fuelling thirsty Kiwis with a unique range of beers.

Gary McCreadie, Executive Creative Director at Hello, says: “We kept pretty close to the brand tone on this one, nothing crazy.

“Drink beer when it’s hot. Drink beer after work. They started it by calling their beer, BEER.”

James Polhill, Managing Director at Hello, says: “Garage Project is a business we’ve admired from afar for over a decade.

“Beer advertising has been a core strength of the agency and we’ve got no doubt the work will resonate with beer drinkers throughout the country.”

The campaign is currently running across the LUMO nationwide network. 

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