Fortune favours brave uni students in ANZ’s star-studded campaign

ANZ’s latest student banking campaign taps into the creative student culture to prove ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’, with the help of international dance star Parris Goebel.

Goebel, who found international success when she choreographed for J-Lo, Cirque du Soleil and the American dance film Step Up: All In, partnered with ANZ for the campaign to bring fortune to an unassuming university student, Sam Verlinden.

The campaign began when Verlinden, an aspiring songwriter, answered an ad, from a fellow university student, looking for a someone to star in a hopeful music video.

“I really wasn’t expecting anything other than the chance to work with other students wanting to put themselves out there and give things a try,” he said in a release.

Instead, ANZ had P-Money re-mastering the song before Goebel and her crew created the music video – an opportunity fo a lifetime for Verlinden.

Head of brand, retail and business marketing at ANZ Matthew Pickering said: “Sam’s a great example of a student willing to put himself into the path of opportunity. Partnering with Parris Goebel and her talented team was a terrific way to showcase where an opportunity can take you.

“Students are at a crucial stage in their lives, when decisions can define their future. ANZ Student Banking gives students the tools they need to get a head start on university life.”

In her interview for the campaign, Goebel urges students to find their own voice.

“It’s a strength in this world to be different and be proud of being different – and I definitely think that’s actually what made me successful.”

Whybin\TBWA worked with ANZ on the campaign and executive creative director Christy Peacock said the agency set out to link the bank with the complex culture of first year students.

“Once we landed on the emotional platform of ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’, we pulled in this cultural icon [Parris] to produce engaging content that captures the enterprising spirit of all tertiary students. We hope this conversation will keep students engaged for some time to come.”



Head of brand, retail and business marketing: Matthew Pickering

Senior marketing manager: Darryn Gordon

Marketing manager: Carmelle Anderson

 Whybin\TBWA Auckland

ECD: Christy Peacock
CD: Karen Maurice O’Leary & Tim Huse

Creatives: Kirsty Hitchcock & Priya Ratan

GAD: Maike Blackman

Account director: Kate Gilmour

Senior planner: David Mcindoe

Public relations: Eleven

Production company: Skull and Bones

Media agency: Spark PHD

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