Fonterra launches Anmum baby formula in NZ, rolls out first campaign for the product

Fonterra has released a new campaign via Colenso BBDO for its Anmum milk formula, which launched in New Zealand this year. Each ad features a different parent dealing with the daily conundrums of looking after a child, and shows how the formula can be an aid.

The three TVCs for the campaign are called ‘Popping out’, ‘Great place’ and ‘Denial’.

‘Popping out’ features a mum who is only popping out the door with her child, but it shows when you are heading out with a little one, it always takes more organisation than you’d think. She frantically grabs the various items she needs including baby wipes and food and then finally picks up the milk formula and rushes out the door.

The others follow a similar format with each ad presenting a time when the milk formula comes in handy in parents’ busy lives.


A Fonterra release says Anmum baby formula brand is well established in Asian markets but Fonterra says it wants to boost earnings in the local market, which is worth around $75 million a year.

Fonterra Brands NZ managing director Leon Clement says the move is not in response to tough overseas markets, or a need to use up surplus product.

“It’s been necessitated by our strategy, which is to add value to our products and to commodity dairy products,” he said.

Fonterra Brands regulatory and nutrition manager Cherry Barker says the Anmum formulation includes Fonterra’s patented Bifidobacterium lactis DR10TM cultures, and the Anmum PediaPro toddler milk has no added sugars of any kind.

“Breast milk is the gold standard for developing alternative nutrition products, when necessary, for infants. Formulas for 0-12 month old babies are subject to very clear regulations. This includes ensuring that the sugar content, needed for energy, reflects the natural lactose levels found in breast milk,” she says.

“Anmum formulas only use lactose, the sugar naturally present in all milks, in the formulations for this age group. We do not add any sugars to our toddler milk and believe that this is something that is important to parents.”

Clement says paediatric nutrition is the fastest-growing dairy category in the world and developing leading positions in paediatric nutrition is one of Fonterra’s seven strategic paths.

The range will be blended and packed at Fonterra’s Canpac site in the Waikato and will be sold in select supermarkets nationwide. Each Anmum product will be sold in 900g cans, according to the release.

The Ministry of Health website says the ministry recommends exclusive breastfeeding to around six months of age and that if a baby is not breastfed, a commercial infant formula should be used until the baby is 12 months old. It also says formula should not be marketed for babies under six months.

StopPress has been in touch with Fonterra about the campaign, and will update this story accordingly.

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