Flying Fish reels in a biggun’

Big news for Flying Fish New Zealand, which has added US-based animation gurus Psyop to its diverse director roster.

The company has offices in Los Angeles and New York and about 70 to 80 staff chipping away at design, 3D character animation, 2D and 3D photorealistic effects and live action magic. And Flying Fish partner and executive producer James Moore says its reel is world class.

“Their Coke ‘Happiness Factory’ spot put them on the map. They’re not only talented but they’re a super nice team, totally grounded, fantastically creative and inspiring to work with.”

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Moore says the fishy team has worked with Psyop a few times before, line producing some great spots for them, like Coca Cola Heist, which won an Emmy in 2009, a “mind bender of a Nintendo campaign in the middle of last year”, and a very cool Lipton Tea spot this March.

“Last time the crew were here, it got me thinking. Psyop were in post production with the recently released Cadbury ‘Frieda‘ campaign for DDB, so they already have a presence here. If we can help them drum up some more work from a top notch creative region like New Zealand, it’s a win win, not only for only Pysop and Flying Fish, but for the agencies here too. Sometimes all you need is someone on the ground putting you out there.”

Psyop’s executive producer Neysa Horsburgh says it wants to do the best creative work in the world and believes New Zealand is near the top of the pile.

“Flying Fish had always been a great production partner so it seemed like a natural fit to team up with them and offer up Psyop’s creative talents to New Zealand.”

Check out Psyop’s impressive show reel here.

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