First Five Rungs launches video content series aimed at millennials

Comms Council Industry support group, First Five Rungs, has launched its latest project, a video content series called ‘Yarns with…’ that gives millennials in advertising a sneak peek into the industry’s top minds. 

The quick-fire questions style of the series aims to bridge the gap between juniors in the advertising and communications industry and senior leaders. 

The first video is between OMD managing partner Andrew Reinholds and OMD head of strategy David McCallen ‘yarning’ over a morning coffee and answering industry relevant questions. The two share some interesting industry insights and words of wisdom, as well as trying to settle the lighthearted age-old debate of ‘does pineapple really belong on pizza?’ 

The series was born after the First Five Rungs team noticed young industry members often feel detached from senior leadership which makes the senior figures seem unapproachable or unrelatable. 

Chair of the First Five Rungs group Harriette Hanson says it can be daunting to be new in the industry and feel like you’re nobody in and agency, and the new series responds to that.

“We want to remind grads and young industry members that this is absolutely not the case and that they’d be surprised, but the senior leaders are actually super approachable and have a lot of learnings to share. There’s nothing more valuable than striking up a conversation and realizing you actually have more in common than you might’ve originally thought.”

Building on the Comms Council and AUT partnership, the First Five Rungs team engaged with several third year AUT film students to help with the production of the videos. AUT students Dominique Asser, Jasper Hankins, Diana Simumpande, Campbell Thompson, Josh Meredith, and Raman Mahi took the First Five Rungs ‘Yarns with…’ concept and helped bring it to life. The team got a hands-on film production experience, as well as getting in front of some big industry players. Under the First Five Rungs watch, the students were responsible for filming the interviews and editing them working within the frameworks set by the group.

“The ‘Yarns with…’ videos were fun to produce and we’re glad they have a raw, real feel,” Hanson says.

“We didn’t want them to look too polished. The whole point is that these guys feel relatable (because they are), and that definitely comes through in the rustic editing. The AUT students who helped us did a brilliant job and I think they really enjoyed being involved.”

There are three more videos rolling out over the next few months, which will be published on the First Five Rungs Facebook page. The team are also planning on filming more in 2019, spanning more agencies and more  personalities.

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