Find the wiener

US-based meat product manufacturer Oscar Mayer has released its first interactive mobile app ‘Wienermobile’ to grab consumers’ digital attention ahead of the Labour Day holiday.

While the app includes various standard features—such as picture uploading and social media accessibility—it also features a pair of interactive features that users can access.

The first, themed on a scavenger hunt, enables users to locate any of the six Wienermobiles located within a 200-mile radius of an app-connected smartphone.

In addition to this ‘find the wiener’ feature, the app also has an integrated game that allows users to virtually race the Wienermobile.

And when Oscar Mayer products are scanned, users are rewarded with ‘Wiener Bucks,’ which can be redeemed in-game to purchase upgrades such as increased speed, enhanced vehicle handling of sharp turns, and off-road tyres.

Users are able to access further bonus features at upcoming local events around the US where players use pre-loaded iPads to play the new app.

Earlier this year, Oscar Mayer also released a satirical video to coincide with the launch of the conspicuous vehicle. 


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