Film yourself feeling the burn, get a free pizza

Hell Pizza is well-accustomed to gaining media attention with its controversial marketing stunts. But it has taken that to a whole new level with its Pizza Roulette promotion, which has been featured in the New York Times, TIME, Huffington Post and Reddit and also formed the basis of a story about sado-masochistic trends like the cinnamon challenge on CNN. We’ve got ten Pizza Roulette vouchers to give away to anyone foolish/brave enough to give it a go, so email [email protected] if you’re game and we’ll let our robot of randomness decide who gets them. The only prerequisite is that you have to agree to film the process. 

Youtube VideoDespite what mother said, laughing at other’s expense is the best type of laughing, and this promotion by Barnes, Catmur & Friends, which puts chilli that is 100 times more potent than jalapeno peppers and the same strength as the stuff used for US grade police pepper spray on one slice of pizza, certainly taps into that.

If not taken with caution, getting a taste of Blair’s 3am sauce, an American-made hot sauce that boasts a Scoville rating of 2 million, can present some health risks, with side effects including but not limited to restless leg syndrome, half sneezes, nappy rash and emotional damage. But seriously, if you have a weak ticker or sensitive bowels, Hell suggests you sit this one out (anyone who spins the spicy wheel needs to read a rather unique disclaimer first).

Scott Manning, owner of Tongue Hammer Foods and supplier of the sauce, says it’s so hot it has been decanted into smaller medicinal dropper bottles so the staff can add it to the random slice drop by drop (post-cutting, so it doesn’t end up on the other pizzas).

“Reviews of this sauce by other chilli-heads warn people to hold on to their lower cheeks, and that hallucinations may occur.”


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