Moving on from a ‘glorified PDF’: Goodfolk on reshaping the digital face of Fidelity Life

At a time when the digital environment is rapidly advancing, many clients are struggling to keep up. As recent research by NZ Marketing and TRA found, agency heads see marketers needing to upskill and become more flexible in the corporate culture in order to deliver effective work.

As a company with a 44-year legacy in the insurance industry, Fidelity Life recently came to the realisation that it wasn’t quite where it needed to be on the digital front and employed design agency Goodfolk and web development experts at Phosphor to future-proof its digital offering.

Goodfolk general manager Benn Winlove says there’s a lot of fear industry about what the right way is to do things, and it really enjoyed working with Fidelity Life as it was open and ready to embrace digital.

“They knew what they didn’t know and they were ready to take advice and as a company, and they also didn’t know what it would look like or what the process would be but they were ready for it,” he says.

“It was a really rewarding experience working with them, they really listened to us.”

Winlove explains the first stage has been to launch the new site as the old one “was a glorified PDF at best”.

“It was basic, it wasn’t maintained properly and the information was outdated and this stemmed from the old way of thinking around how to administer a website,” Winlove says.

To kick off the digital engagement journey, Goodfolk and Phosphor sat down for a history lesson to ensure they knew what the company stands for and where it was heading.

This process saw Goodfolk spend time inside the company talking to staff, which in turn lead the agency to propose creating digital content based on their stories.

Winlove says purchasing insurance is very intangible so it wanted to turn the focus on Fidelity Life’s employees, their expertise and what they offer their customers.

“A quote from Reeta Anthony, who’s the head of claims, summed it up for us when she said: ‘We’re in the business of paying claims. We want to pay them’. That sentiment goes against many peoples’ perceptions of insurance companies but it rings true at Fidelity Life.”

Pioneer of digital customer platforms and experience at Fidelity Life, Jeff Watling, says Goodfolk tapped into the essence and culture of the company which is about great service, trust and compassion.

He says the new website showcases the people behind its service rather than simply the service it provides.

“When our customers contact us, they are quite often dealing with traumatic life experiences, and it’s the customer-facing team who deal with these situations in a very compassionate yet highly efficient way,” Watling says.

“The new website highlights our friendly staff and reflects the affinity they have with our customers. But, at the same time, it’s also highly functional, easy to use and informative.”

The website aims to service existing customers and ensure they have everything they need at their fingertips, including the Fidelity Life story through to essentials such as being able to make a claim online and change contact details.

Watling says small subtleties such as the grey and white screen that acts as an attention holder before the background video begins is an example of how the functionality is simple but clever.

“The user experience is first class and intuitive which makes the new website an anchor for us to build on as we move onto the next stage of our digital engagement and growth as a company.”

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