Feel the fern

Benevolent dictator John Key has been on a mission to convince New Zealanders that we need a new flag—from the big ($26 million for the flag consideration project) to the small (writing columns)—and he has said he favours the fern and southern cross combo (buy yours here). Gareth Morgan also wants a change and has pinned his four colours to the mast after running his own competition. And Peter G Deakin from Turangi (if that is his real name, eh John?) has also taken out an ad in The Sunday Star Times explaining his views and showing his penchant for the silver fern. 

Does Mr Deakin not know about the backfire effect

After the longlist was released, there was plenty of discussion (including from grumpy designers who felt the panel didn’t choose enough abstract designs). 

Kyle Lockwood and his SIlver Fern Flag organisation says it has been campaigning for a new flag for 15 years. And it is now calling for donations to run an ad campaign promoting its design before the referendum. 

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