Federation encourages people to #adoptakiwibusiness

Federation agency has released an initiative to get individuals to adopt a Kiwi business and provide supporting during lockdown.

Covid-19 has hit businesses hard, as most have had to close their doors or resort to online only to meet lockdown regulations. In particular SME’s who make up 98 percent of New Zealand businesses.

In an act of support, Federation has created an initiative to inspire New Zealander’s to adopt a Kiwi business. #AdoptaKiwibusiness is a way the individual can do their part to support businesses owners and their families during Covid-19.

Managing director of Federation, Sharon Henderson, says personal experience of starting her agency during the last recession made her sympathetic to the upcoming struggles of small business owners.

“I know first-hand the challenges that New Zealand business, our brands and workforce will be facing already. Loss of income, redundancies, even complete collapse or closure of small business. And with COVID-19, there’s the extra dimension of a pandemic and New Zealand-wide lockdown. Not just recession. The worse thing we can do now is to adopt an ‘every man for himself’ attitude.”

Henderson says she believes it’s in our nature to do what we can to lend a hand to those who need it.

“We have 500,000+ small businesses in NZ who together employ more than 2 million people and contribute more than $232,324 million to our economy. That’s 30 percent of New Zealand’s GDP. We need these businesses to get through COVID-19. As a nation of Kiwis, we can lend a helping hand where it’s needed, in the way that each of us can.”

An online shot, a future booking, some extra work right now, or just a shout out on your social media and business networks is enough says Henderson.

She says the initiative has been well received following its release late last week. Yet Henderson says this is something she would like to see Kiwi’s foster past just the lockdown.

“Our intention was always to foster a wider Kiwi spirit amongst all New Zealanders to get out there and adopt a business they can help. The Facebook community is there to give people ideas and inspiration to help the small businesses around them. 

“Within days of launch however, we are heading towards a Facebook community of 1000 people already and seeing high engagement from small business owners and self-employed people who want a community to belong to in these difficult times. We’re surprised ourselves how quickly its taken hold, and are now pivoting our strategy to make it a place for problem and idea-sharing for small business, with guest commentators who will provide tips and advice.”

By adopting a Kiwi business, all that is required of the individual is to make sure these businesses are treated like family and not left on their own in such an uncertain time.

It is as simple as checking in with a local business and seeing if they need help in any way. It’s a simple gesture that can sometimes mean the world to people who are struggling.

“They may not need your help right now, but knowing people you care how they’re doing will ease the burden. A problem shared is a problem halved.”

Find out more and how to be involved here.

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