Federation encourages Kiwis to ‘ride like a butterfly’

On World Earth Day, Federation delivered a climate change message to the country – taking a full page New Zealand Herald advertisement to do so.

‘Ride like a butterfly’ comes from the ‘Butterfly Effect’ concept – the simple idea that small changes can have big impacts on a compex system.

Federation CEO Sharon Henderson says: “Climate Change is an unavoidable, urgent conversation that we all need to have. 

“So we decided to use Earth Day to highlight one of the biggest (and simplest) actions we can all make to help restore our earth – and it’s something many of us at Federation personally love to do – cycling.”

Over the past five years, Federation has worked with Auckland Transport to help quadruple the number of cyclists across the city by promoting the positive aspects of cycling, gathering behaviour-change insights along the way.

Chief Creative Officer Tony Clewett says: “We worked with AT over the summer to prime Aucklanders to get out on their bikes for journeys they might normally do by car and found a number of amazing statistics about cycling and climate change. Cycling has a carbon footprint of just 21g of CO2 per km, that’s less than walking and massively less than driving. We realised it had the power to become a butterfly effect for New Zealand.

“Having spent the past decade riding to work through Auckland’s ‘four seasons in one day’, it’s nice to know that in some small way, I’m helping to be a catalyst for change. And having the opportunity to work with a client like AT, who actively promotes cycling, is a win-win. The fact that biking is also great for the planet is the icing on the cake, so why not be a butterfly and ride a bike?”

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