Federation aims to drastically reduce Auckland road deaths

With the number of road deaths rapidly increasing each year, Auckland Transport has decided to take action.

Partnering with Auckland based agency Federation, the two have proposed a daring new transport safety vision, known as Vision Zero.

Vision Zero places the responsibility of safety on designers and operators of transport systems, however, recognises that individuals using the transport also play a key role.

The ethical safety approach was originally developed in Sweden in the late 1990s and has since been used throughout a number of major cities.

“Vision Zero has been an amazing opportunity for the agency’s planners and creative directors to influence the personal norms of New Zealanders,” says Federation’s managing director Sharon Henderson.

Additionally, Federation has worked with behavioural science specialists in order to positively impact the driving beliefs and behaviours of Kiwis.

In 2018 alone, 54 people died on Auckland roads. Although seemingly far-fetched, Vision Zero’s brief is now crucial for implementing change.

If successful, Vision Zero states that by 2050 there will be zero deaths or critical injuries on Auckland’s transport system.

Auckland Transport’s (AT) marketing services manager, Mark Sharman, says Vision Zero is aiming big for this campaign, which will become a crucial long term programme for AT.

“We hope to instil genuine long-term behaviour change. It’s a campaign for every one of us, ‘one by one’ the better choices we make when we’re on the move will make Auckland a safer place for all,” Sharman says.

Federation and media partner MBM have tackled the brief hands-on with a series of targeted placements and contextual messages that outline positive actions Aucklanders can take responsibility for.

The primary focus of Vision Zero is to change road users’ old habits into safe new ones.

The campaign has already kickstarted across Auckland with the use of outdoor, digital, social and PR platforms, in association with a launch via Super Rugby side, the Blues.  

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