FCB picks up September Orca for taking over the airwaves

According to a Colmar Brunton study, Kiwis switch over into weekend mode at around 3.29pm every Friday afternoon. And while this might sound early when taking into account that the workday usually runs until 5.30pm, New Zealanders are a lot harder working than our British counterparts, who were found in a British Airways survey to drop the tools at around 2.39pm.

So, given this insight on Kiwi worker behaviour, on Friday, 12 September, at exactly 3.29pm FCB created a radio roadblock by playing Mitre 10’s ‘Bring on the Weekend‘ song across six stations.

DJs across the stations introduced the song and pushed people to download it from the Mitre 10 Mega website. The stations’ website banner displays also changed out at 3.29pm to further enhance the message.

​“We used the radio medium to get our new brand line ‘Bring on the Weekend’ inside listeners’ heads, and get them excited about the weekend,” says senior copywriter Scott Kelly. 

And this creative—if somewhat unconventional approach—has now resulted in the agency winning an Orca award for the month of September. 

“I was really thrilled that agencies were starting to be clever and creative again with radio,” said Orca judge Trevor Plant from AUT.

This win gives the FCB team of Scott Kelly and Ian Smith a $500 limited edition Martin Horspool certificate and a $5,000 radio schedule for Mitre 10 Mega.

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