FCB celebrates its advertising with advertising

Advertising agencies are usually conduits for creativity, sitting in the shadows, telling their clients’ stories. Every once in a while, they do however use those skills to do a little self-promotion. And that’s exactly what FCB did recently to celebrate its massive haul at the Effies. 

In what also doubled as a show of faith in the power of print, FCB took out a pair of full-page ads in the Herald on Sunday and the Dominion Post.

Featuring a photo of the agency’s clients, the ad proclaimed in large FCB-themed typeface that the best marketers do not work at FCB.

Commenting on the decision to use that line, chief strategist David Thomason said it was important for the agency to be bold. 

“We believe in the power of brand-building. We also advise our clients to be bold with their advertising. So when the creatives came up with ‘New Zealand’s best marketers don’t work at FCB’, we had to practice what we preach.” 


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