Father’s Day motivation

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we thought we’d look back at some of the heartwarming spots released in the US earlier this year. Our North American counterparts, of course, celebrate the day on the third Sunday of June rather than in September.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at what the local market has to look forward to.

One of the standout US spots was Gillette’s ‘Go Ask Dad’ spot, which attempted to reconnect fathers with their children. It was a clever stunt that almost certainly squeezed a few tears out of the eyes of fathers around the country.          

Opting instead for the humorous approach was Buffalo Wild Wings, which showed an adorable girl mimicking her father while he watches sport on TV.     


Another sports-themed ad that also aimed to garner a few laughs was FootLocker, which at first plays out like a sombre spot featuring NBA stars celebrating their dads, before Lonzo Ball steps in to throw a few jabs at his over-bearing pop.      

Another great spot from the American edition came from not-for-profit oganisation Sick Kids, which urged consmers to support the dad’s on night shift.    

As an aside, AdRoll also ran a recent study on the topics that resonated most with consumers across the world. If anything, it gives a clear indication as to why sports tend to be such as area of interest when the day rolls around.       

Now the wait is on to see if local brands can deliver campaigns that live up to some of these.    

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