Fast, sexy, funky: Farmers continues down the non-shouty path

We’re gradually seeing a shift in advertising where shouty retail spots are being swapped out for more emotive material. Simply announcing a sale or displaying an item in a catalogue-inspired style isn’t enough to get through to an increasingly distracted and fragmented audience. Farmers recently cottoned onto this and continues to show its change in approach in its upbeat ad for its new season collection via The Workshop.

Farmers’ new ad for its autumn/winter collection has a funky soundtrack, is fast-paced and encourages consumers to ‘make their look’ from Farmers’ large range of clothing and homeware.

It also pushes Farmers’ website which offers online shopping.

On its YouTube channel it also features interviews with the models in the ad who discuss their shopping preferences and how clothes make them feel.

It’s a departure from its traditional approach, where a model awkwardly poses in pajamas (or some other item of clothing) as a price pops up beside them, which is refreshing to see.

The Workshop (a content production division of .99) was contacted but says it would prefer not to comment on the campaign.

Farmers’ previous ad by JustOne/.99 was subtle and artistic, showcasing its various products in a series of different rooms.

There was no megaphone-enhanced voice-over, no price mentions, the 30-second scene simply rotated from one room to the next, showing different products while slightly eerie music played in the background.

Then, once the showcase was complete a voice-over quietly invited the viewer to “take a look around”.

.99/JustOne isn’t the only agency experimenting with quirkier retail ads. Colenso BBDO has over the last year delved deep into the macabre for its New World ads.

Rebel Sport has also over the last few years carved out a clear identity with creative brand ads that focus on sports rather than products.     

The shift reflects marketers’ attempts to focus on the emotional rather than the rational, in an attempt to connect with more consumers.

In today’s world shouty retail ads don’t really cut the mustard anymore, and even Briscoes, one of the masters of ‘in-your-face’ ads has opted for a more emotive approach, painting the Briscoes lady aka Tammy Wells, in a whole new light.

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