Facebook challenges creatives for a cause

Facebook has launched a contest that asks creative to look past apps and product pushes to newsfeed content that makes the most of the social network’s native functionality.

It’s all in the name of raising awareness for Sustainable Coastlines, the organisation that coordinates waterway cleanups and coastal tree plantings and changing the perception that the group is strictly for hippies.

Entrants are challenge to come up with a three month campaign based around image posts, page post link ads and video posts. The need to tell stories alongside their creative ideas with a view to targeting audiences at scale and make each post thematically linked but with its own identity.

The network also suggests leading with emotion and using short form video.

“Many believe Sustainable Coastlines is just for hippies,” the brief says. “The truth is we are young, tech-savvy and creative and aim to break out of the mould of the environmental movement and inspire as many sectors of society as possible.”

The organisation’s aim is to attract registrations for 16 training workshops nationwide between July and September, with a goal of 30 participants in each region. The attendees are likely to be aged 18-30 and be well educated and environmentally conscious, or 40-65 and well connected community members, Sustainable Coastlines says in the brief.

The group says it has a vast range of high resolution images and an extensive library of video footage.

The winning team gets a $1000 Facebook ad credit the network says can be used for a charity, a friend’s business or a startup. Creatives have until 12 March to send PDFs, Word documents or emails to [email protected]

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