‘Exporter’ exported. People Media Group bids farewell to publication

A decision to focus on the tourism sector is the main motivation behind publisher People Media Group’s decision to bid farewell to its Exporter magazine, announcing it has been sold to Adrenalin Publishing.

“We have become increasingly involved in the tourism market over recent years with Arrival magazine and other tourism products such as No 1 Queen Street and Airbus Screens. With the success of these ventures and the recent sale of the Trade Centre, we have decided to focus on the travel and tourism sector,” says People Media Group publisher Mike Taillie.

This won’t be Adrenalin Publishing’s first venture into export publications, with Exporter joining Adrenalin Publsihing’s existent Export & Trade Handbook publication.

“We will be packaging the Exporter and Handbook into a bimonthly publication with five issues of Exporter plus the annual to provide comprehensive year round coverage of this sector, which is so important to New Zealand’s prosperity,” comments Adrenalin publisher Cathy Parker.

Taking on the editorial duties of Exporter and the Export & Trade Handbook will be Glenn Baker, editor of NZ Business, another publication owned by Adrenalin.

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