The evolution of big brand logos

Logos are
a wonderful thing. Executed correctly, they can become an instantly recognisable
representation of your brand. But for some brands, the need to evolve the logo
is irresistible and, if you look at some of these before and after logos posted
by Stock Logos, highly necessary.

Apple, Cannon, Kodak and Nintendo logos have undergone massive transformations, the
modern logos for each virtually unrecognisable when compared to the originals. Elsewhere, Firefox (originally called Phoenix) did away with its flaming red phoenix in favour of something a little more apt for its new name.

There are
exceptions to every rule and many brands, like Nike, have remained successful
without having to freshen up their logos. And in fact, sometimes old is indeed
better. Take the palaver that ensued after clothing chain Gap attempted to change
its logo
last year. The new logo was
subject to a barrage of criticism, much of it directed though its social media
channels of Facebook and Twitter. So much so, in fact, it reverted back to its
original logo almost as quickly as you can say “clothing made using child

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