Everyday luxury

As the design proponents keep saying, good packaging can make a difference and change the way consumers react to products. And artist Paddy Mergui has proven that by adding some luxury to the quotidian in an exhibition called Wheat is Wheat is Wheat.  

As it says on the website: 

By infusing the packaging of our most basic commodities with values of prestige and luxury, Wheat is Wheat is Wheat explores the dynamic and often blurred ethical boundaries of design within consumer culture. This exhibition is meant to highlight the challenges a designer faces when tasked with promoting economic interests while remaining true to his or her own moral compass.

The various exhibits combine shapes and images from the world of consumption with concepts from the field of consumer ethics. They serve to highlight both the contentious, potentially arbitrary connection that products have to packaging, and the ethically challenging conditions in which designers are asked to operate. Using humorous, yet provocative undertones, Wheat is Wheat is Wheat will leave you with more questions than answers – particularly on your next trip to the supermarket.

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