Energy Online turns up the heat in its winter campaign

Energy Online has launched its winter campaign featuring a new character – a bloke called Steve who delights in taunting his neighbourhood with summertime vibes during winter.

Created by Contagion and made up of two ads, the campaign watches Steve dance around his living room topless with the windows open, and sit on his front porch dressed in singlet, jandals and socks. On both occasions, passing neighbours, dressed in layers of winter clothes, witness Steve’s behaviour and vent their response with “screw you Steve” and the fingers—a surprising gesture given it comes from an old lady.

Michael Wood, Energy Online’s marketing manager says the new campaign is a timely next step for the brand following the recent return of the ‘No Regerts’ spot.

“As a brand we’re committed to having some fun within the energy category and providing Kiwis with a brilliantly simple alternative to the large, traditionally conservative energy providers. Steve and his impressive dance moves captures the spirit of Energy Online perfectly.”

The character of Steve is a close friend of Dave from the earlier ‘No Regerts’ campaign, who got a massive tattoo of a picture of his wife with the misspelt line for their wedding anniversary. 

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