Emojis for the ad executive

Four-person Swedish agency Dogwash has released a quirky campaign that allows ad folk to accurately express their thoughts through a catalogue of emojis that can be downloaded from the app store. And since most agencies always have one eye on the gong, the emoji suite includes Cannes Lions, Clios, D&D Pencils and a host of other award-themed options.   

In addition to the trophy emojis, users can also share miniature images that resemble Don Draper, the Old Spice Guy on a horse, and Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits.

A select range of Emojis have also been printed out and framed, meaning that advertising executives could have them on display in their offices all day as a constant reminder to staff members of what’s important.


This campaign comes at a time when emojis are all the rage, with various brands investing in their own emoji suites in a bid to wedge themselves into consumers’ chat screens.    

In related news, Apple also last year released a range of ethnically diverse emojis in response to calls from users who criticised the service for its previously limited options.   

And if this isn’t quite enough emoji news for one day, here’s Business Insider’s history of emojis told through emojis:

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