Facebook paid only $23,000 in tax last year; here are eight things Government could buy

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Facebook paid only $23,000 in tax over the course of 2013 in New Zealand. But, rather than further contributing to the media revile already available elsewhere, we decided to look at the positives by giving a rundown of all the awesome things Government could purchase with the funds attained from the organisation. 

1. A quarter of this section of land in Gore ($95,000)

Located only a stone’s throw away from the bustling and completely homogenous Gore CBD, this prime stretch of land provides the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy everything this oft-overlooked holiday destination has to offer. The only problem is that after paying the fees involved with a transfer of ownership, government might be left with a little less than a quarter of the section. 

2. Half of this diamond-encrusted MP3 player (about $50,000)

To afford this, government would have to share expenses with one of the other countries that Facebook is giving the runaround. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options, because the tech giant is currently using a loophole called the ‘Double Irish arrangement,’ which allows it to pay less than five percent corporation tax on all international revenue. 

3. The legs of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter’s birthday Barbie (about $100,000)

The pair of musical talents spent no less than £50,000 on this Barbie, which in all honesty looks very much like pretty much every Barbie in the toy aisle at K-Mart. Unfortunately, New Zealand’s Facebook bounty will only be able to buy us the legs, if that, of this toy. 

4. Almost two “nice old side boards” ($12,000 each)

Available in the antique category on Trademe, this nice old sideboard could be the ideal addition to the Beehive. The best part is that it also includes a mirror, allowing the politicians to see every morning exactly who Zuckerberg is laughing at.

5. The hoop around this $70,000 masterpiece sculpture

While the sculpture itself is well beyond the budget, a bit of shrewd negotiation could see us walking away with the metallic hoop that encircles this work of art.

6. Four whale tails ($9,000 for two)

Given that whale tails and the creatures attached to them are becoming rarer every day, these ornaments could in fact accrue greater value in time. In this sense, they could in fact serve as something of an investment.

7. 23 Nino Bellissima lobster and caviar pizzas

At a $1,000 a pop, these pizzas are only for special occassions—and what occassion could be more special than receiving some dough from Zuckerberg’s coffers.

8. 23,000 packets of lollies from the local dairy

At only a dollar per packet, these sugary treats are easily the biggest bang that government could get for its buck. 


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