Eggo enters the ‘upside down’ in a new trailer for Stranger Things

Eggo, the frozen waffle company, made a surprise rogue appearance during the Super Bowl last night as Netflix dished up a fresh teaser for Stranger Things

Audiences were surprised when an old 1980s Eggo ad briefly appeared on screen during the Super Bowl, which quickly turned into the latest teaser forStranger Things season 2. 

The Netflix show made waves in the TV-sphere last year with its charming cast of characters coupled with sci-fi intrigue. As viewers of the show will know, the connection between Eggo and Netflix comes from a particular dietary trait of one of its main characters as Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) acquires a taste for the frozen waffle brand and is regularly seen chomping down on a box or five throughout the course of the show. 

Eggo’s social media team made the most of the opportunity, tweeting up a storm on all things Stranger Things related. 

One tweet was composed entirely upside down—a reference to the show’s fictional alternative universe endearingly dubbed ‘The Upside Down’ (although in retrospect, pancakes may have been more appropriate).

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