Ecostore puts DDB in charge of creative campaigns, keeps Special Group on brand and packaging

Environmentally friendly manufacturer Ecostore has awarded a slice of its advertising and comms business to DDB.

Ecostore founder and current chief ethical officer Malcolm Rands says DDB has been appointed to work on several creative campaigns for the brand.

“We were really drawn by the opportunity of working with [DDB chief creative officer] Damon [Stapleton],” Rands told StopPress.

He said this move was really about introducing some new creative ideas into the business, which first launched in 1993 on the premise of marrying ethical principles (usually associated with not-for-profit organisations) with capitalism.  

Rands did, however, stress this does not mean the brand is cutting ties with Special Group after a seven-year partnership.

He said Special Group will still be responsible for brand identity development and packaging, and that this wasn’t likely to change any time soon.

In fact, just this morning, while speaking to StopPress, he was at Special Group for a meeting about the brand.

Rands adds as brands have become a little “more promiscuous” across industry, it isn’t that unusual for them to work with a number of partners. He also said phrases such as ‘agency of record’ weren’t as relevant as they once were.

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