Dry July launch video by Toybox confronts the hangover in style

What makes people do Dry July? Screaming headaches and lowered IQ, greasy breakfasts with two days’ worth of calories, smartphone picture evidence of bad nudity ….and maybe even a goat inexplicably resident in the kitchen? Or is it because they want to see what they could achieve without a hangover?

Toybox has created the mesmerizing animation for the 2014 Dry July launch video, using a script written by Sydney’s Clemenger BBDO, and commissioning many artists from around the world to handpaint frames to assist with the tight deadline, which were finished and mastered at the Toybox studio in Auckland. Having many artists makes for a nice evolution of sketch styles throughout the clip.

“Graphic, loose and heavily stylised, the handcrafted ode to sobriety treats a weighty subject matter in a light-hearted and playful manner,” writes Toybox.

Toybox animation director Andrew Newland says he loved the “rapid-fire and wonderfully left-field vignettes described in the script”.

“The animation process was fast but the style that we went with was a perfect fit for Dry July. Some projects are a lot of fun to do and this was one of them,”

Executive Producer Nanette Miles says working across time zones with artists and clients is becoming more and more common for Toybox.

“It’s a challenging but exciting way to work. Having the right team and infrastructure around us here is the key”. 

The animators and illustrators who worked on the piece were: Andrew Newland, Dan McKay, Terry Nghe, Richard Falla, Jared Toth, Eon McNaught, Gareth Jensen, Kristian Antonelli, Daniel Wilkins, Sebastien Iglesias, Alexandre Belbari, Thomas Buiron & Colas Grasset

Now in its seventh year, Dry July is a fundraiser that challenges people to give up alcohol for a month to support adults living with cancer,

The Dry July video style is reminiscent of the epic and award-winning Goodbooks campaign by String Theory.

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