Droga5 win ‘dream’ games portfolio

Droga5 has signed with one of New Zealand’s leading gaming businesses Fiveight. The New Zealand-owned and operated company represents SEGA, Turtle Beach, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. There were no incumbents, as the company was only formed last year.

The Warner Bros. games include Harry Potter, Batman, and Lord of the Rings, to name just a few.  Sega, of course, has the popular Sonic and Mario games, while Ubisoft produces Assassin’s Creed.

Droga5 will partner with Ikon Communications which recently won the media business. Droga’s work will encompass creative duties across a multitude of gaming titles and equipment.

The first work to launch is for Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach designs, manufactures and markets high quality audio peripherals for video game consoles and personal computers. Droga5 has been working on the project with Turtle Beach in New Zealand, Sydney and New York. The campaign will launch shortly.

James Polhill, business director, Droga5, said “We have ten mad keen gamers at Droga5 NZ. This is the dream client”.

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