Drinking beer = great ideas in DB Breweries’ latest campaign via Colenso BBDO

When men drink beer they come up with great ideas, according to a new DB Export commercial by Colenso BBDO which celebrates man’s greatest creations from the pyramids of Giza to the “plastic bits at the end of shoe laces”.

And while we’re not quite sure how DB Export could prove that men came up with such great ideas OTP (on the piss) the 30-second TVC hushes us, as the voiceover says “Don’t bother checking that fact, it’s true” – we’ll take their word for it.

The core of the campaign appears to be about making things happen simply by doing or walking the walk, hence DB Export’s new tagline “Made by doing”, after a beer though, of course.

The beer brand is also pushing out this message through social media. On its Facebook page DB Export asked its followers to share: “something you’ve done recently that’ll raise a few eyebrows, and we might raise a glass or two”. DB gave prizes away to those who had the best comments.

The DB Export family has benefited from a bit of extra attention in recent years. First, the story of Morton Coutts was used to establish the ‘let nothing come between a man and a great beer’ brand platform. Then DB Export Dry used wine to sell beer in one of the best campaigns of 2012. DB Export 33 was up next and showed the kind of sacrifice men drinking the low-carb version were making for their better halves. Then came DB Export Gold with an entertaining ad featuring a heroic man and his trusty dog. 

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