Down to the Wire wins Most Outstanding Website

Down to the Wire, a website developed and helmed by online digital creative’s heyday!, has won Most Outstanding Website at the ONYAs.

The ONYAs, not so much an acronym as it is techy-wordplay, picked Down to the Wire out of four finalists, the other three being the NZ On Screen and Positively Wellington Trust sites, both by Chrometoaster, and the MetService site by Shift.

Down to the Wire tells the story of New Zealand’s internet highs and lows during 2010. The award winning website describes 2010 as the year of privacy issues, award-winning excellence, social media embarrassment and copyright calamities. The start of the decade was also the messenger who brought the news of faster internet – in the future, that is.

The story was told through interviews with web watchdogs and other high-ups, such as Privacy Commisioner Marie Shroff, CEO of InternetNZ Vikram Kumar and Domain Name Commissioner Debbie Monaghan, among others. It also features contributions from readers in order to widen the perspective of the internet events of the year.

The ONYAs have the entry videos for each of the finalists online. They’re worth a look, if only to see why these websites are viewed as successful and considered worthy enough to be finalists. The video for Down to the Wire is especially good – but reveals nothing about the company itself. That’s what you should expect from child actors though.

Down to the Wire looks good and comes off almost like a magazine page. It features a complete timeline from 1989 to 2010, and plenty of information about the ups and downs of the country’s internet struggles. Aside from industry folk, it’s inoffensive enough to get other people interested.

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