DOT loves data launches ‘Us’

The newest DOT loves data product, Unique Segmentation for today’s New Zealand (Us), supersedes previous DOT products in the segmentation space. 

A dynamic, interactive customer segmentation tool, it reveals New Zealand’s changing population and behaviours in close to real time. 

Segments can be used to improve customer acquisition through media buying or integrated back into client’s environments to improve existing customer and prospect experience.

EightyOne Media Managing Director, Grant Maxwell, says: “For years segmentation has been done via interviews to extract claimed behaviours. The power of Us is that it uses factual data sources to reveal who people are and how they actually behave. You can segment based on a myriad of factors from how green someone is likely to be, to luxury consumption and everything in between.”

Us combines transactional, civic, property, utility and publicly available data sets to group geographic areas, comprising between 100-200 individuals, into clusters.

DOT loves data’s Head of Product, Dr. Tamsyn Hilder, adds: “Privacy is paramount of course. We don’t identify individuals but we know that geographical clusters naturally form within the population. That’s what Us unlocks – giving us relevant cohorts based on actual behaviours, in a privacy friendly way.”

Homes.co.nz are a data contributor and are now activating Us segments via homes.co.nz‘s media packages. 

Homes.co.nz Chief Data Scientist, Tom Lintern, says: “Us has meant that homes.co.nz no longer just knows about the home, but also the changing behaviours of home’s owners.”

Us comes with an interactive dashboard to make it easy to interrogate the segments and understand what makes them unique.

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