‘Dosh’ launches with forgetful goldfish, debt-collecting turtles

Can you remember your bank account number? That’s the key proposition behind the launch of a major new finance brand, Dosh, New Zealand’s first digital wallet. 

The campaign was created by Rainger&Rolfe and media agency Tilt Digital and features a goldfish trying to recall its bank account number, a turtle collecting debts, and penguins negotiating their way through the perils of buying beers and chips.

Co-founder of Dosh, James McEniery says: “Paying and getting paid is a hassle. Dosh fixes that by making it instant, easy and safe. We wanted a campaign that explained the Dosh proposition in a really simple and effective way. The team really nailed it.”

Dosh is a payments app that allows users to instantly pay or be paid for transactions under $500. Users can upload money onto their Dosh wallet, pay and receive cash instantly, and transfer it back to their bank account whenever they like.

Dosh works with all the major banks, and is a registered Financial Services provider, overseen by the Department of Internal Affairs.

The launch campaign was developed with help from independent strategist Andy Mitchell.

Rainger&Rolfe Managing Partner, Ant Rainger says: “The app is really easy and fun to use, and we want the campaign to reflect that. So we created these stories where the animals act out very real human scenarios – the guy who hasn’t paid his flatties, mates buying beers and snacks for the rugby, someone trying to remember their bank account number. That one’s a goldfish of course, because we’re all goldfish when it comes to long strings of numbers.”

The creative was written by creative director Kelly Putter. 

Rainger says: “Kelly knocked out the first three concepts and they were bang on. Our producer Simon McKechnie extended the idea and we created eight in total, all designed for social and digital.”

Dosh co-founder James McEniery says having strong agency partners made a huge difference: “They understood our needs and our product value proposition immediately.”

The creative will be pushed out via social and Google remarketing.

The Dosh agency team includes:

Ant Rainger – managing partner, Rainger&Rolfe

Simon McKechnie – producer, Rainger&Rolfe

Kelly Putter – creative director, Rainger&Rolfe

John Schofield – managing director, Tilt Digital

Toni Knowles – media director, Tilt Digital

Andy Mitchell – strategy, 3Green

Vincent Heeringa – PR advisor

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