Domino’s to sling 80 percent of its pizza online by 2016

Pizza – it’s delicious, but no one has time anymore to walk down to their local joint and wait for a box of carbohydrates, protein and other supposedly edible miscellany to heat up. Domino’s Pizza New Zealand is hedging on this and predicts four out of every five sales it makes will be online by 2016.

Already half of Domino’s sales in New Zealand are made online, says general manager Josh Kilimnik. The growing number of online pizza connoisseurs has lead to the redesign of its ordering platform, which does away with the Flash-based predecessor for a more mobile friendly experience. The platform, which goes live on Monday, was developed by Chicago-based outfit ThoughtWorks.

“The launch of the new site is an essential step forward for our brand presence on the digital platform, and the biggest change to online ordering since it was launched in 2006,” he says.

“We want to make sure we’re always evolving our brand to cater to customers’ increasing use of technology, while making their online ordering experience more intuitive and user-friendly.”

Domino’s experience likely reflects the wider pizza-eating community and fans of its competitors are likely looking online to get their cheesy fix – turning online into another battlefield.

We’re already seeing a bit of humourous argy-bargy from Pizza Hut and Hell, involving the sequestering of a Google keyword by Pizza Hut and a reply in the form of a full-page ad by Hell. In fact, a quick Google search for “Domino’s Pizza” brings up an ad for the Pizza Bar in Nelson. 


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