Dog vs. drone

While drones are being used for nefarious purposes in warzones, they’re being put to good use elsewhere, as this clip posted on Al Brown’s Facebook page shows. 

As he writes: “My wickedly talented friends at Augusto just dropped by with this little gem. The footage was snagged while on a shoot for Hyundai NZ. No animals were harmed in the filming of this piece, the same can’t be said for the drone I’m afraid …”

Brown’s dog Sir Ed had the last laugh, taking the drone down with a ferocious bite. 

In other drone-related news, Amazon has filed a request with the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to use drones as part of its Prime Air service

The drones can travel at 80kmh and carry loads of up to 2.2 kgs. About 86 percent of Amazon’s deliveries are under that weight. 

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