Dine promises more face-to-face time with your cat

Ever feel rejected by your snobby cat? Dine and Colenso BBDO have come up with a solution –  launching a new product, Creamy Treats, alongside a web app designed to help cat owners know if their pet is really rejecting them.

In the 60-second TVC, a cat owner’s world begins to fall apart when he realises he’s never seen his cat’s face, a problem resolved by buying Dine’s Creamy Treats.

With the custom-built mobile web app, Cat Scanner, one simply photographs their cat and the app, which uses in-camera object-detection to pioneer something called non-face-recognition, can tell whether you’re getting the cold shoulder.

In February, a competition was held online with Dine asking cat-lovers to share photos of their cats shunning style in action, with the aim to find New Zealand’s snobbiest cat.

The chosen cat and owner winner was announced in March and won an original portrait by Kiwi artist Otis Frizzell.

The Creamy Treats campaign has been developed and produced in New Zealand, but will be launching in other markets including the UK, Europe, Australia and China.

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